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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Unaccustomed as I am.

Bt Sport afforded us the rare treat of watching City away at Guiseley Friday night as the Imps took on the division newcomers and also, to our delight carried off the spoils too.

It always seems odd watching City on the TV and I must admit if I had happened upon the broadcast and it wasn’t City I don’t think I’d have stuck with it too long. Football at our level just doesn’t come across all that well on the telly for my money.

The game offered an interesting contrast with Guiseley playing a very measured game compared to City’s more direct route. I saw some comments on twitter that we made Guiseley look like Brazil. I don’t know whether I would agree with that and after Brazils performance at their own World Cup that’s not the compliment it once was. Rather I felt City’s approach was more in tune with the surroundings and the level of football. There’s a time and place for pretty football but I believe it’s higher up the league than where we are at the moment.

What did surprise and please me were the comments made on the programme after the game and the pundits were very complimentary about the Imps believing we may be not all that far from a decent season for a change. Certainly eighth in the table at the beginning of October is a very handy place to be, not drawing too much attention to ourselves but well placed for a lunge up the table in due course. We're above the Mariners too, which, for an Imp is a highly satisfactory place to be.

As to the game itself it felt a bit like watching premiership new boys put on a really good show against their more illustrious opponents only for the more established team to get a goal in a bit of a smash and grab raid and walk off with the points. For that, the fact that City have Matt Rhead a player who, lets face it we were all slightly underwhelmed when we made the signing, for that we have to thank Chris Moyses. The fact that a team has a reliable striker who invariably gets a goal, that’s often the difference between success and failure. The danger is, as was pointed out on BBC Radio Lincolnshires Friday Football, we are rather having all our eggs in one basket at the moment and if Rhead gets injured or suspended, which is going to happen it’s difficult to see where a plentiful source of goals is going to come from.

Let’s not worry about that till it happens though. Let’s just enjoy the fact that City were on the TV and won. We also got the weekend off which seemed quite liberating..

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