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Friday, 11 December 2015

Up for the er Trophy.

So, City are in knockout competition this weekend, something the Imps usually take at face value and normally manage to get knocked out fairly rapidly. Anyway it’s against Bradford Park Avenue and the only facts I can give you is that they were once a league club and I met their chairman in a hotel in North Devon once. Chris Moyses says City could do with a run in the trophy, we’ll see.

On to matters uplifting and the mystery investor is revealed as Clive Nates, a South Africa based Imps nut. The Echo tracked him down in the southern hemisphere:

"The intention is to help Chris during the January transfer window, if he needs it," Nates, told the Echo
"Even if everything is not 100 per cent done. I think we are so close, it's only formalities that could hold it up.
"And if there was a technical reason holding things up, I would certainly be prepared to advance the first instalment before it had been completed."

"When I first approached Bob, the intention was £200,000 a year over five years," he added.
"But it's difficult to make a long-term commitment because a lot of things can happen.

"Maybe I'll realise it's not for me, maybe they won't like me as a partner, all sorts of things can get in the way.
"But at this point there is a firm intention on my part to put in money for a number of years and hopefully I'll still be involved beyond on that."

He’s also an Everton fan, which we’ll gloss over and I’m not totally sold with those sentiments but let’s approach matters with an open mind. It’s certainly a nice change for us to be contemplating strengthening in a meaningful way, particularly after the Liam Hearn episode.

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