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Monday, 7 December 2015

Thinking the unthinkable.

I remember retweeting a comment Liam Hearn made, he said partnering Matt Rhead was “pure joy” which I thought bode well for the promotion push. It just goes to show what a disingenuous world football is although I’m quite prepared to believe that he did feel like that then and got disillusioned later.

Hearn’s beef was that he wasn’t playing 90 minutes and I found myself conjecturing lately whether the two main strikers relationship may in fact be rather more akin to Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg because of course Rhead does usually play the whole game.

I certainly believe the loan transfer to Barrow has had a detrimental effect, City’s mini slump cannot be denied, and it’s a question of what has caused it. I think it’s the Hearn episode even though Chris Moyses handled it as well as could have been expected. The Imps defeat at the hands of Woking would have been nothing out of the ordinary a few weeks ago but more recently City have been sweeping such outfits aside.

Hearn’s wish has, you might allow yourself a moment of mirth here, not been accomplished, having been taken off after 80 minutes of his first outing and not playing at all last weekend, not that there’s anything remotely amusing about what’s happening up in the north west at the moment. The fact that he did not and still hasn’t played 90 minutes might result in the player reappraising his treatment by City. Most of us I’m sure were of the opinion that Hearn’s feather bedding to be the result of careful planning by the City management with a view to him playing much more than he has previously.

I firmly believed that when Hearn went out on loan we would not see him again in red and white. I still believe that but if there is any possibility of getting the player back and I can believe this will be anathema to most City fans, I think we should accept him back for the sake of the team.

Is that controversial enough for you on a Monday morning?

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