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Friday, 18 December 2015

Hearn rumpus rumbles on in the absence of any football.

Liam Hearns desire for more football has certainly come unstuck as he was firstly hauled off after 80 minutes of his first game for Barrow and then had to sit Barrows trophy game out as he was not allowed to play and now must now miss Saturdays game at Sincil Bank as he is not allowed to play in that either.

The situation would not have been any different had he stayed put as City’s game at Bradford was called off but he would surely have started against Barrow this weekend and the loan is over just after Christmas. Will he be back? I said previously I’d be prepared to overlook the perceived slight for the sake of the promotion push but whether the player would want to come back to face the distain of both Imps fans and some players, not to mention the manager who also expressed his dissatisfaction at the players attitude.

In my view the manager would sacrifice his pride if he thought the players return would aid the team in their effort to gain promotion and I think if the promotion fairy were to visit fans in the dead of night and offer them success if we took him back any objections would rapidly disappear. Having said all of that I don’t really expect to see Hearn in a City shirt again which is a great shame. I think the club were doing a good job in resurrecting a previously injury ravaged career and we were starting to see the real Liam Hearn. Cynics among you might say we’re seeing the real Hearn in this episode. I offer no opinion on that subject.

All this conjecture can’t replace actual football and those who advocate a mid-winter break would see for themselves the, for my money, folly of such an idea. The break, if it came would surely coincide with Christmas time and we are basking if that’s the word in unseasonal temperatures. Not as balmy as some would have it but nevertheless frost free at night and only cold enough for a light coat . One can just imagine the break comes to an end and with it the onset of winter in all its fury. Short of playing in the summer, which I think would also be inappropriate, I can’t see an argument for a change.

One other aspect of a mid season break would be the consequent falling off in interest and also, for clubs like City, doing well, the fear that momentum will be lost. We’ve had our little break and I’m ready for football.

Let’s hope fans are too and not seduced by the lure of the shops. Personally my view is, shops, football, it’s a no brainer.

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