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Friday, 29 January 2016

Embattled City boss pulls a very large rabbit out of the hat.

In the considerable form of Jamie McCombe of course, a development that should have the most died in the wool critic of Chris Moyses pausing to consider whether this will turn out to be the banner signing that will get City going again. Like most of you I was a massive fan of the massive defender when he was with us previously, particularly as he deserted Scunthorpe United in favour of the Imps and he was a part of the team that tried and failed in the playoffs.

"We know things have not been good, but we were never going to stop working hard," Manger Moyses told the assembled press yesterday. "At present we are seven points off the top five, we have still to play teams above us as well.

The prospect of playing the teams above us is one that, I have to confess I’ve not been filled with enthusiasm about although the manager seems not to have lost his confidence but to a certain extent he would say that wouldn’t he?

I will say this signing has gone a long way to restoring some hope that City can get moving again and, even at 33 this can be seen as a positive development for the next season or two. Moyses is not having any truck with the doubters though:-

"It is not over and done by a long shot, so we need to do all we can and brining in Jamie addresses some of the issues that have been bothering us.

"Jamie will bring us that bit of knowledge and experience that has been lacking at the back. He's played up to the Championship and is a very accomplished professional."

"I know Jamie has a history with City, but for me his is also very much the right sort of character that we have been looking to recruit this year," said the under fire supremo

"He is also a lad who is based up this end of the country, so he fits the bill in that respect. He is going to be a good addition."

I’ve still not given up on the Imps manager but we can’t go on losing every game the way we have lately and what is particularly disappointing is the home form, previously so solid has disappeared altogether and Imps fans have had to sit through three home defeats in a row and two draws since they last won, against Tranmere back in mid-November.

I’ll just leave you with one Colemanballs style quote from the bellicose manager who must have known what message he wanted to get across but couldn’t quite get it into words as he chatted to the press on Thursday:-

"I just don't like people who look at you in the eye and then stab you in the back.”

Was he talking to an octopus, possibly? We’ve after all had whales in Skeggy this week.

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