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Monday, 7 March 2016

Good spell from City raises thoughts of what might have been?

Lincoln City manager Chris Moyses is insistent it isn’t all over, we hope it isn’t all over but following Saturdays cruise to victory against Aldershot I can’t help but think it certainly wouldn’t be over had the promotion express been not derailed but certainly shunted into the sidings leaving the Imps with the task of getting out and back onto the main line again. Having done so they’re certainly rolling along quite nicely now and Saturdays encounter was no exception.

It really was one of those sit back and enjoy it experiences last weekend and City lost no time in getting on the score sheet either when Jamie McCombe of all people headed in Terry Hawkridge’s cross. No defenders nod in either, this was a really well worked and well finished effort but it actually prefaced quite a barren period in the game and if it’s possible to score too early maybe City did.

Matt Rhead failed to settle the fans anxiety for another goal when he stepped up to take a well-deserved penalty just before half time. Chris Moyses said after the game he will take the next penalty City get. I do hope not. I’m a big admirer of our burly forward but his effort was poor. There are others in the team who I’m sure are better penalty takers, Alan Power for one. It was he who was brought down for the spot kick and I’d have been happier if he’d have taken it. At least Power gives it plenty of, well, power.

It was an own goal that settled it in a debacle which reminded me of my own glorious playing career in division four of the Lincoln and District Sunday League. At least there was no one around to see my howlers.

The manager was a happy man as he spoke to the press after the game:-

"I don't feel Aldershot really tested our goalkeeper, Paul Farman. Their attempts on goal were very few and I thought we defended really well.
"At half-time, I told the players that I felt when we play at 60 to 80 per cent of our ability we are in control of the game. I felt in the first half we were only about 55 per cent. I felt we needed to up the work rate and they went out there and lifted it in the second half.
"They worked hard for each other and they wanted to win. They are a great group of players. The players are expressing themselves and they are really enjoying it. It is great to be part of it all."

Quite, couldn’t agree more except for when he went on to say Rhead will take the next penalty. Please don’t.

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