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Friday, 4 March 2016

Muldoon looking for a bonus as Hearn states he’s not a loan.

Back to the football this weekend. Although it’s sometimes nice to view the results at Saturday teatime in relaxed mode as fans we’re wanting the stress and excitement of the season so it’s good to be back musing on the ever changing world of the Imps.

Talking of the Imps comings and goings the Lincolnshire Echo has two good reads on their website at the moment featuring a very much up and coming player and one who has been the author of his own downfall although I’m sure we all wish him well in his recovery.

Those players are of course the very exciting Jack Muldoon and forgotten striker Liam Hearn. It’s pointless and probably a bit over the top to reiterate his difficulties, he’s come back and declared himself one of us again so let’s leave it at that except to say that perhaps now he realises the kid gloves treatment he was given by the management were for a very good reason both for the club and the player. Now he’s back in training but few of us would expect him to be back on the bench just yet as there are others who have grabbed their chance.

Principal chance grabber Muldoon has revealed the club has sorted out a bonus payment should he reach ten goals:

"I want to get to 10," he told the press. "The gaffer has sorted me a bonus if I get to 10, so I'm aiming for that. It will get my holiday paid for! Hopefully I can get even more than that."

It’s not just goals though that have got the fans noticing and appreciating his performances but as he also explains he was far from a shoo-in for the role of partnering Matt Rhead:

"I think I was the last hope as we were short of strikers,"
"Seriously, we've had two good strikers up there for a lot of the season in Rhead and Liam Hearn.
"But he (Moyses) put me up front for the last 30 minutes of the Wrexham game. After that he thought I could do a job up front, so it all changed from there.
"I've been a winger since I've been at Lincoln, but before I came here I'd always been up front or on the right wing.
"I'll play wherever the gaffer tells me to play. If he tells me to play right wing or even centre-half, I'll go and play there.
"I just need to keep performing and working hard. I've got to stay fit too – that's the main thing in football. "You've then got to be at least six or seven out of 10 in training every day and then eight or nine in the matches."

Hearn meanwhile it has been revealed has been the subject of an enquiry by the club about a loan to get match fit but he’s decided to stay put and fight for a place. I must admit I’d thought Hearn would be gone sooner rather than later:

"We made enquiries to a couple of clubs who might take him, but Liam has declined to go at the moment," the manager said at his weekly press conference.
"He sees himself getting a chance here. He's fully focused and his intention is to get back in the team, which is good. His attitude has been okay, it has been fine," added Moyses.

I’m not sure that’s exactly a ringing endorsement from the gaffer:

"He's not in contention yet," he went on. "We've got enough on the bench. We've got to make sure he's ready for five or six games on the trot. We'll have a better idea before the weekend."

Well, better a player who wants to battle to get back in than the one who went sulking off to Barrow. As we all hope and the manager insists, it’s not over yet. Hopefully not by a long chalk.

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