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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Brilliant Woody calms City’s nerves.

James Caton took the plaudits including the man of the match award, as well he might after scoring the two goals that set the Imps well on their way to victory in yesterdays encounter at Sincil Bank where Southport were the visitors.

Bradley Wood caught my eye though in yet another barnstorming performance. What a signing he has been and it was his buccaneering run, straight up the middle of the park simply refusing to be deflected from his quest that underpinned the victory, the ball reached Robbie Mc Daid who duly obliged as they say.

This at a time when the game was firmly in the balance as City, having established a two goal lead courtesy of Caton then got pegged back by a Southport goal. All I can say about this player is Shrewsbury must have some amazing wingers if he is surplus to requirements. Just abandoning my rose tinted glasses for a moment Caton is surely rehabilitating himself and if the idea behind him coming to Lincoln is to get his Shrewsbury career back on track he’s giving his parent club something to think about for sure. Even if Shrewsbury don’t want him back there will be plenty of takers for his services on this evidence and whilst it would be nice to think City are in with a chance, he’s certainly enjoying his time at Sincil Bank, I can’t help but think his future lies away from Lincoln where money is not in such short supply. Good luck to him he’s certainly brightening up my Saturday afternoons.

City’s equilibrium was firmly knocked out of kilter when Louis Almond, another returning former City habitué doing what former players seem to do, produced a wonder strike to put Southport firmly back in contention although it was a rare foray into City’s soft underbelly as it were but nevertheless the Imps former assuredness took a big knock.

Step forward Messrs Wood and McDaid ably assisted by Hawkridge who weren’t about to surrender City’s advantage. For me this goal encapsulated why we support our home team. Good professionals who have bought into the managers vision for the club and a goal fashioned by a very good young player who has come to Lincoln to get a game and to get his career in professional football going. The joy he demonstrated in scoring as he raced to the side of the pitch to embrace the manager who had given him his chance could not fail to be reflected in the stands as we all celebrated with him. I enjoy premiership football on the TV but give me this, the pleasure of seeing your own players and others who have thrown in their lot with us entertain us so royally. We didn’t need Alan Shearer to explain what we were watching and it left me so glad I spent my afternoon peering at our heroes through the murk at Sincil Bank.

It’s not always this way of course and that’s another aspect of supporting your team but I hope after yesterday the rent a quote regulars who are only too keen to vent their spleen on the radio when things don’t go City’s way, will reflect on a match that entertained but also demonstrated that the manager has a very realistic grip on the tactics of the game. Chris Moyses substitutions were the cement that glued this result together, I’m convinced of that.

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