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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Team changes miss the point.

Or points to be precise. City’s form of late has been more like a relegation struggle than promotion. The Echo is full of theories about formations and trying out some of those that haven’t seen much action. Regular readers will know I don’t get involved with tactical considerations and other suppositions preferring to leave that to those who presumably know what they are talking about. Maybe that’s why BBC Radio Lincolnshire haven’t been in touch lately about coming on the radio to talk about the Imps. I don’t know where this idea that we fans all have to be tactical geniuses before we can attend a match. They’re not where I sit, that’s for sure.

Anyway, where was I? Ah yes, despite his protestations the manager has had his mind on other things latterly and by other things I mean next season and why not? It’s been as plain as the nose on your face that City’s promotion bandwagon had stopped and formed a circle for the night round about Christmas time and wouldn’t be going anywhere till the new season.

Talking of going nowhere, again in my view the manager will be given next season to fashion a winning side and there would have to be a spectacular drop in form to change that. Chris Moyses is cast from the same mould as the board of directors and will be given time to prove his credentials. That may be a good or bad thing. I think good but with caveats. This season has been better, better home form, better, more exciting players better, dare I say it, tactically.

There will always be those who think they know best of course, that is the nature of football but I see no benefit to be accrued from chopping and changing manager ad nauseam so we might as well try something different, certainly from the way things have been at Sincil Bank for the last umpteen years and that is a bit of continuity but and it’s a big but, there has to be progress and the progress that looked substantial a while back is now rather diluted as the points tally grinds to a slowdown. If that continues and the natives get really restless and start directing their ire at the occupants of the posh seats in the middle of the Software Europe Stand no amount of theorising will save the man in the hotseat.

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