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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Moyses no more.

Well he said he would if he felt he was no longer taking the club forward and now Chris Moyses has announced he will step down at the end of the season.

Those who have clamoured for this moment now have their way. Personally I would say be careful what you wish for.

I’ve found Moyses a breath of fresh air. Granted this season has tailed off as did last but in terms of the general level of football at home I’ve been very satisfied and the standard of players brought in has been very good.

I don’t believe there has been that much of a clamour for a change but the danger with appointing someone whose motivation is not the wages, Chris Sutton was another, the likelihood is that they will walk away rather than soldier on.

There are always voices for change whenever things don’t go entirely to plan and there’s no doubt progress was not rapid but I’m still full of regret that Moyses will no longer be in the dugout next season.

I’d like to thank Chris Moyses for his efforts, for some great performances and for some great players brought in and for running a very professional outfit in terms of fitness, man management and tactical knowledge. I really do mean that.

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