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Friday, 30 September 2016

The season starts here as far as I’m concerned.

As previously mentioned in this blog, football, or at least football involving Lincoln City goes on hold till the end of September due to holidays. A game or two then it’s off to warmer climes for a couple of weeks before the season proper starts.

As we all know the season got off to a good start, great start in fact, then the realisation that we’re City fans and nothing goes well for long. Still, as I write it’s still September, just, so there’s plenty of time yet.

Like a lot of you I suspect, back in August, I allowed my mind to wander back to the last time the Imps were champions and if that didn’t require a long enough memory the time before that, with Graham Taylors all conquering side. It didn’t last long of course but if you’d been asked this time last season if you’d take City being on 22 points which is two points up on last year, after another good start I seem to remember, you like me would be happy.

The trick is of course to maintain the momentum and City haven’t been doing much of that whilst I’ve been away so to avoid a repeat of last season when the Echo tells me things started to go off the boil in November, City need to kick on.

By a supreme irony tomorrows opponents are Braintree, the management team’s former stamping ground. Part of me feels a bit sorry for them. They had a marvellous but ultimately unsuccessful season (tell me about it), lost their manager and his assistant, to us. Lost a good proportion of their team (chiefly to us) and have just had to sack their manager.

So part of me feels a bit sorry but it’s only a small part, the rest of me thinks there’s no point in City finally behaving like a big club, for once, poaching someone else’s manager, if we’re not going to take full advantage so there the sympathy ends.

After all the only thing that’s prevented a similar scenario happening to us more is the fact that City have consistently employed managers that no one else would be remotely interested in. Not after we’d finished with them.

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