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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Speculate to accumulate more speculation.

I suppose there’s no point in moaning about it. You either have a manager no one’s interested in or you have a red hot property and his name is touted around every time a vacancy for a new manager comes up. If you don’t know there’s now a vacancy up the A46 you must be the only Imp that doesn’t.

Just looking at that, and I don’t suppose you all agree with this sentiment, if a club of the stature of Grimsby Town has lost their manager to the likes of Shrewsbury, we’d better keep a very tight hold of ours as already the rumour mill is spinning at a fair old rate linking Danny Cowley with the vacancy.

I can’t help feeling there’s more to the Mariners situation than meets the eye. I recall reading somewhere that their manager, now departed, was told get promoted or else, that again may be speculation but it might explain why he was prepared to move, for me , more or less sideways although up a division, for the moment at least. It could be payback time. Anyway, if Danny Cowley starts dropping hints about a new car we’d perhaps all better be prepared to get our hands in our pockets and get a crowdfunding account started.

We’re not here to discuss that situation though although our manager will move on at some stage, we’d have our heads in the sand if we didn’t realise that but, on to more pressing matters, the second of a season defining double header, the visit of Boreham Wood.

Saturdays disappointing one point, the match wasn’t disappointing but the draw was, heralded a big two games and I wrote beforehand that we would know a bit more about City’s prospects after these two massive home matches. I never thought it was going to be easy and tonight won’t be either. City will have to do something no one else has this season if they are to take maximum points as Boreham Wood haven’t been beaten away all season.

I’d normally say a point is better than none but do wonder if it’s worth going all out for the win even at the risk of losing the game. What will the manager do?

All the more reason to be at the Bank tonight to see first hand.

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