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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

A remarkable week.

Just thinking about the last seven days you have to have a good memory to recall the last time Lincoln City won a championship and in order to do that you have to win an awful lot of games.

City’s week could not have gone any better and for that matter Forest Green Rovers could only just have been a little worse as the Imps hauled themselves five points up against FGR who were drawing against Tranmere whilst City were winning at York
I’m going to demonstrate my fervour for away travel by revealing that the last time I ventured to York to see the Imps, a tricky fixture usually, Steve Thompson was in the team! Typically City played well and dominated the game I seem to recall only for York to snatch the points. Somehow I’d wangled a place in the posh seats and at the end of the game Thommo launched the ball into what he must have thought was the York directors box but instead of taking it out of the enemy merely almost succeeded in making contact with my head. Maybe you won’t be surprised to hear he missed.

The performance at Forest Green Rovers was indeed what may turn out to be a watershed moment as City came back from the dead to claim the points in yet another last minute turnaround. I don’t believe these recovery’s are coming about by chance, there’s too many of them for that. Danny Cowley said before the season he was tailoring his training so that players will be as strong at ninety minutes as at five. Furthermore he said the team would finish the season more powerfully than they began.

John Beck used to say all teams will have a sticky patch. Have City had theirs? Are Forest Green Rovers having one at the moment? Certainly there’s going to be no let up at the top with a tremendous crush going on for the major places. FGR looked to have it all sewn up. Not anymore. City are second but by no means secure in that. A bunch of good, well managed teams threaten below.

It’s a great time to be an Imp that’s for sure.

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