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Monday, 20 February 2017

City on automatic pilot or adrenaline, I can’t decide what.

I wrote a few weeks ago that maybe the time has come for this cup run to end. I’d watched City labour to quite a leaden footed win against Dover on the Friday and then suffer what was for them a heavy defeat at Barrow. Not everyone agreed and I think if I’d been near Danny Cowley I’d have got a clip round the ear for my trouble. Since then they’ve looked anything but lethargic and have just completed five wins on the trot including dispatching championship and premiership opposition. In fact I do find myself wondering how things would pan out if this squad were competing in league one or, dare I say it, the championship. I think they’d survive.

If we can just hang on to the Cowleys for a few more seasons, what with the new found finances, courtesy of the FA Cup and their emerging TV stardom I do wonder if we might be testing out that theory for real. Burton Albion did it in quite similar circumstances why not us? I’m starting to think big as you can see but who’d have thought they’d see a time when the Imps were in the quarter finals of the FA Cup?

Already, and with due respect to Bill Anderson, Graham Taylor, Colin Murphy and Keith Alexander I think this cup run has now put the Cowleys at the top of the tree in terms of achievement notwithstanding that promotion has not yet been secured.

Which brings us nicely on to tomorrow’s game against North Ferriby United, more or less a home game in reality as there will be more Imps there than home fans closely followed by Borehamwood in the Trophy. The real pressure starts here in my opinion as City must, as near as possible aim for a perfect record if they are to achieve their aims. Do they look capable of it? Yes they do. Do they look jaded? No they don’t. We all make mistakes.

Having said that we don’t know what sort of influence the circumstances will have on the squad. Pressure can be very debilitating but I have to say, looking at the jubilant faces of the players on Saturday and the boundless enthusiasm of the management team as they dart here there and everywhere (do we have a corporate jet now?) if the pressure is bearing down it seems to have remarkably little effect. I get the feeling if you told the players they had to play every day till the end of the season they’d regard it as some kind of bonus.

As for us, we’d watch them every day if we could but for the moment, all the tickets are sold for Ferriby and I’m awaiting details for Borehamwood, I quite fancy that one.

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