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Friday, 24 February 2017

Shiny happy people.

I may have used that headline before but it seemed an adequate description of the shareholders of Lincoln City FC assembled at the club last night for the AGM followed by an exclusive forum with the managers together with Nathan Arnold and Sam Habergham.

The accounts discussed were of course for the last years trading and I’m not going to steal anyone’s thunder by revealing the figures but of course they now represent a snapshot of the way things were and if things had not improved the way they did I don’t think anyone would be happy or shiny. They have of course so we’ll gloss over that.

Nathan and Sam I do have to say are two of the most articulate players you could wish to have at such an event which is no doubt why they were chosen and there was a bit of a laugh at Alex Woodyards expense as to why he was not, bit of an in joke I think although when I saw him in the flesh he seemed to be well spoken. There again he was dragooned into an interview on Radio Lincolnshire and after that perhaps not. Still Paul Scholes studiously avoided interview and now he’s a pundit so there’s hope for you yet Alex.

A couple of things stood out for me, firstly and I do trust this is not false hope on my part but there seemed to be every indication from the management that theirs will not be a short tenure at the club and the Cowleys are of the view that there is plenty of scope for enhancing their reputation further with the Imps and they see the future for the club very bright indeed if only promotion can be got. Promotion out of our league is going to very difficult, I think we knew that, but if it can be achieved further rapid progress could be ours. I hope I read that correctly.

It’s certainly true that, marvellous run that the Imps are on, what is it six wins on the trot and ten wins out of twelve? Some of those are cup games but even after that run City are just about keeping ahead of the pack as the other nights results underline as virtually all our chasers won.

The other point to mention is that this meeting comprising shareholders and directors, they (we, anyone can buy some shares and be invited to the AGM) are effectively the owners of the club and as such a mature audience but I can advise you, dear reader that there is every bit as much unbridled enthusiasm for the team and the managers as you will find in the Coop Stand on a match day and several shareholders took the opportunity to thank and praise the managers for what they have achieved already and this was humbly as you might expect accepted by the Cowley brothers who seemed quite moved by the tributes.

One man told a slightly taken aback Danny Cowley his wife had told him to announce to the AGM that she was in love with the manager but he also said she was going to have to get in the queue as he was too! I think that’s the way we all feel at the moment.

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