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Friday, 10 March 2017

Business as usual.

I suppose you’re like me, struggling to maintain concentration awaiting the big day tomorrow. At the time of writing the team are at their temporary training quarters, courtesy of West Ham and meanwhile back in Lincoln the carnival atmosphere is starting to build. Westgate Water Tower is lit red and white and the souvenir hawkers are on the High Street.

As we know the main aim of the season is not the winning of the FA Cup although progress in that competition is uppermost in the mind of the manager and players this weekend. We supporters may be dismissive of the Imps chances tomorrow although come to think of it the longer the week has gone on the more confident I’ve been that miracles do happen and there might be one more giant upset. I’m just going to enjoy the day though and see what happens.

The win at Braintree has dampened the league nerves a bit although again personally I’ve not succumbed to them. I’m a subscriber to the it’s a marathon not a sprint school of thought and in any event our competitors must surely be feeling the same insecurities and as it turned out City finished the week six points ahead of the chasers.

During the week and today the squad has been strengthened further with three new arrivals two, one would suspect cover although that was not the way the manager was talking about the goalkeeping position so Paul Farman had better mind his p’s and q’s.

The big question of the week, vexed question you might say was did City pay a fee for the services of Lee Angol? It was reported in the Peterborough Telegraph that a fee in excess of £100000 was paid. This was met with incredulity in some quarters although personally I could imagine if the manager is convinced that Angol can provide the goals that will propel City to promotion and by paying a fee prevent the parent club recalling the player before the end of the loan period then that might have been a gamble City were prepared to take. £100000 plus though? Well City do have that sort of money available in fact all of a sudden they are probably one of the wealthier around the mid reaches of the pyramid. Danny Cowley confirmed a small fee had been paid. So not £100000 or are City all now somewhat bigger hitters and that sort of money isn’t a lot? Somehow I doubt it.

All that remains for me to do is to wish you a pleasant day following the Imps whether that be at the Emirates Stadium, down at the big screen at Sincil Bank or the other big screen at Software Europe on Doddington Road.

I certainly don’t remember not one but two big screens in the city. There again I don’t remember anything as exciting as the fare being served up by Lincoln City FC at the moment.

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