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Friday, 26 May 2017

Don’t expect any fireworks from me says Cowley.

This was going to be my headline and tone in any case but a look at the Echo’s article up today confirms as much as Danny Cowley perhaps wearily concedes that whilst others may break the bank to secure the players they want it does come at a cost and that is players wages which of course need paying for the length of the agreed contract.

I’m not here to criticise former players but, if we are to believe what we hear are the likes of Lee Angol and Terry Hawkridge really worth twice the wages we were paying? Sure we, and by implication they are in the football league now and a division higher pays higher wages but by our own high standards these two players, well Hawkridge certainly and I suspect the likes of Muldoon, Power and Marriott although that’s not an exclusive list, by virtue of the fact that they were a part of the club, have been offered deals but I suspect that’s as far as it goes, there won’t be any haggling.

So I’m not expecting them all to stay on. By the same token there will be clubs who hope some of the stardust of the last season will still be adhering to the fringe players and they may be prepared to push the boat out to secure their signatures and they can then trumpet they’ve lured them away, what a big club they are etc etc. Good luck to those players, I don’t think there’s anyone amongst us that wouldn’t wish them well.

The season signed off, if you like with the awards ceremony which I watched on Facebook live well sort of. Hilariously when Jimmy Walker was cajoled into a karaoke rendition of Sweet Caroline Facebook deemed that a live musical performance (don’t give up the day job Jimmy) and pulled the broadcast. It took some time to get back live but we did so eventually to see Alex Woodyard, who had cleaned up most of the awards get our own accolade, the fans player of the year. The players voted for Luke Waterfall, another richly deserved gong.

Danny Cowley asks for our patience. He can have anything he wants, if that’s the only price for the season we’ve had he’s got it. Another thing we’ve got is Sam Habergham for another year on his contract we didn’t have to wait for that but it is news very gratefully received as far as I’m concerned.

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