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Friday, 21 July 2017

Lincoln City serve notice on League Two.

Just when you were probably looking forward to a good nights rest after those sticky evenings of late Lincoln City kept their supporters tossing and turning for all the right reasons announcing the signings of Michael Bostwick and Harry Anderson from Peterborough United just before bed time last night.

Does this signify some sort of tectonic shift in power and influence here in the mysterious east? Do Posh deem the players surplus to requirements? Either way it’s a mighty double signing for the Imps who have coveted Anderson for some time as we know but to obtain the signature of Bostwick, I was going to say prise away but he was on the transfer list as Posh always do with players in the last year of their contract but nevertheless the captures represent a seismic shift in the profile of the club and is bound to have got the rest of the league sitting up and taking notice.

I’ll bet a certain well nourished Scotsman is spluttering into his cornflakes this morning at that news. He probably thought he’d dealt City a huge blow signing Lee Angol from under our noses but now he knows he’s only got the apprentice with the Imps scooping up the sorcerers themselves.

The club in general and Clive Nates in particular have been, rightly, playing down City’s prospects in the immediate future, Nates pointing out City’s infrastructure is still far from fit for purpose for life certainly above league two but nevertheless the club have announced their intention of having a good tilt at going straight through the league we are now entering as many of us hoped they would. If last year’s squad was good then this one is, for us, out of this world and surely fans can hardly wait for the season to start and see how the new look team does.

We can allow ourselves a pat on the back as the season tickets sales and enthusiasm in general must have persuaded the board that there is plenty of steam left in the supporters zeal and desire to get behind the club and the players. Those new players know they are coming to a club where they will be well backed, home and away with a very large following of motivated fans who will encourage them to do their best and show their best and if they fall flat on their faces, well, you only do that when you’re really trying and that’s all we ask.

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