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Friday, 11 August 2017

Home is where the heart is.

For most of us Lincoln City fans the season starts here although we’re a week into it really. I’ve been reading that some supporters seem to believe our newly won or returning fans should show their commitment to the cause, or contrition for deserting the cause, by attending all matches home and away and that the, to my mind magnificent turn out at Rotherham was a bit of a poor show really and should have been much more. This seems a bizarre viewpoint to me. Whilst for some football is an all-encompassing passion for others it’s a pleasant diversion. Nevertheless it will be interesting to see what sort of gate City get tomorrow. Some season ticket holders will be on holiday of course and it remains to be seen how many non-season ticket are in attendance.

I see Eventbrite were not even offering seats in either of the main stands on their website. I think the club would like to be in a situation where most supporters buy in advance but I await our usual game of guess the attendance with interest. It’s going to be a decent gate, that’s all you can say at the moment.

More than ever, second guessing the team will be difficult although some players are starting to establish themselves as ever presents. The goalkeeping situation, if anything is more fluid after Tuesday which is a good thing and although the squad isn’t large the manager has engineered a position for himself where he can keep opposition and supporters on their toes trying to work out what the team and formation will be. That can only be good.

So we don’t know what the team will be, don’t know how they will play and don’t know who will be in goal although I think most fans believe it will be Paul Farman but you never know. We do know the opposition will be Morecambe who seem to be most pundits pick for strugglers. Banana skin alert. I’m sure the manager doesn’t need me to tell him that.

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