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Friday, 25 August 2017

Imps hope to get the point(s)

I keep banging on about this and Paul Farman is in the Echo saying it but league two is proving a tough nut to crack and it’s especially difficult to take when you’ve been served up an unremitting diet of success lately. Tomorrow doesn’t look particularly promising either.

Still, we got to the league on merit and it’s only August. We spent a lot of last season winning against the odds so I don’t suppose the manager is particularly downcast about the start City have made. All we can do, as ever is turn up in numbers and make some noise for the boys.

Now that the dust has settled on transfer matters, hopefully, I’ve been thinking not only have the Imps got the best of both worlds out of the Raggett sale that affair has been a good opportunity for City to show prospective signings that the club is the sort of place where players can get a good football education, improve themselves and secure a move that will enhance their careers greatly. Danny Cowley is not in the business of signing also ran players. It will happen of course but the idea is to enlist talent that will fit in to and improve our squad and have the ability to move on to bigger and better things. Meantime City themselves as a club would hope to do the same on the strength of those acquisitions. I think we’re moving along the right lines there.

That’s all for the future of course, the Imps need a win and once they do I’m sure it will be onwards and upwards. Maybe on reflection the Exeter performance was a bit below par. The manager won’t allow that to happen with regularity. I’m still convinced City have the squad to prosper although some transfer news would be welcome.

Carlisle always seem to me quite a big club in waiting, I’ve even seen them play in the top division many moons ago so another big match atmosphere is guaranteed I’m sure.

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