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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Brilliant Bozzie bosses Blues.

I don’t know whether it was just me but I’ve felt since we signed him Michael Bostwick was struggling just a little. Maybe it was the pace of league two, maybe it was fitness, we do ask a lot of our players but, whilst Bozzie clearly looked a very good player I was waiting to see the true Bostwick. Yesterday, for my money we got it. Woodyard got the champagne but if it had been me choosing man of the match Bostwick would have met the sponsors if only to show we were glad the undoubted talent was emerging.

I’ve read elsewhere that Chesterfield were awful. I wouldn’t necessarily disagree with that. City were very good in the first half and threatened to swamp the Spirites and then were not at the races in the second. They didn’t need to be that good to get the points frankly and weren’t. Awarded a penalty, that was as near as Chesterfield got apart from a rasping free kick well saved by Vickers. Not much doubt about the penalty although a chap on the bus was trying to argue otherwise but City should have been much more careful particularly around the box with a referee rather more inclined to reward the away team than home. A better opposition would have made the Imps pay.

Spirites may have been terrible but I do wonder if we played them at the right time. They improved in the second half, or did City get worse? Jack Lester will make a good manager in my view and their fans seem to be on side, over 1100 to see a team bottom of the league is a good turnout even given the short distance but I think and hope they will soon improve and put their present difficulties behind them. I’ve seen enough of City’s travails to wish a similar fate on a proper football club with decent supporters so good luck to them.

Talking of good support, once again the Imps performed before a large audience of boisterous and noisy fans. No sign that the novelty is beginning to wear off and hopefully it won’t. I’m quite sure if City are round about where they are in the league now come Christmas the manager will want to put a big effort in and that will mean further investment. How big an investment will be an easier choice for the board if Imps fans are continuing to back the team. Yesterday wasn’t the most brilliant football match you’ll ever see but as a spectacle it was a first rate afternoon and that, dear fellow supporter is down to you.

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