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Monday, 29 January 2018

Woodyard staying put.

We’ve now had the great news that Alex Woodyard has expressed a desire to stay with the Imps despite an EFL club meeting the release amount in Woodyards contract. Presumably not Luton or at least not the Luton bid of £120,000 for the player as it was described by the club as amongst the highest ever received for a City player.

This is a huge fillip for the club and supporters but, I’ve got to say not a huge surprise to me. Whilst the club may be swayed by a big offer I think we know enough about the esteem the Cowleys are held in by the club, in fact as a shareholder I’m certain of it, within the bounds of possibility if the Cowleys don’t want something then it won’t happen.

Similarly, again in my view, Woodyard is Cowleys man. It is the Cowleys who are responsible for the player’s development thus far, that and the mega talent he has and I believe he sees his career as intertwined with theirs. So, as far as I’m concerned when the Cowleys depart, Alex’s number will be on speed dial. I think the Cowleys see their teams built around Alex.

As those of us who have been up the aisle may recall, let no man put them asunder. I wouldn’t go as far as to say till death do us part but I wouldn’t mind betting it’s not far off.

I hope I’m right.

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