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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Spent three hours at Sincil Bank and loved every minute – it was Madness!

As regular readers will know I spent a very soggy few days last summer at Glastonbury. Once you’ve done that it’s easy to get sniffy about smaller gigs. So it was to Sincil Bank the other Friday evening to see the opener of Madness’ Grandslam Tour. Our wives commented on how big the stage was to which of course my Glasto friend and I said, you ain’t seen nothing. I do have to say, in terms of entertainment and energy there was nothing at Worthy Farm to top what we saw and heard on Friday.

Lincoln must count itself as fortunate indeed to secure such a prestigious gig and the profit that went with it. Previous attempts by the football club to promote performances have proved to be money losers but City were on to a winner this time with a venue hire fee and a cut of ticket sales.

I don’t know whether the university has had an effect or we’re all feeling better off but such enterprises seem to be met with much more enthusiasm in Lincoln these days and so it was that something approaching 10000 were in place on the pitch or in the stands to see the 80’s sensations Madness.

I’m not going to list the numbers but all of the hits and some new stuff was heard. Not however my own favourite which I keep trying to introduce to Lincoln City FC whenever they ask for suggestions as to what the team should run on to, “In the City”, which I think would produce just the right blend of up tempo and humour. Come to think of it that describes Madness to a tee and they ripped through their programme to the delight of the audience displaying a professionalism and musical excellence that have kept them in the public’s mind for over thirty years.

This tour, taking in some of the lesser lights of the nation’s sporting venues will give people who do not normally have easy access to an evening of top line entertainment especially when you consider the main support was Scouting for Girls, a top line act in themselves, and hopefully those of us who don’t get such a prestigious gig on our doorstep will snap up the opportunity. Lincoln did and I hope the rest of the tour is a huge success.

Hopefully also Lincoln City might be encouraged to put themselves forward for similar opportunities in the future. Not to do so would be, well Madness.

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