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Sunday, 18 March 2018

City win the derby, it’s just a matter of routine.

I was accompanied to the game by the good lady, the younger element of our entourage having decamped to the slopes on a stag do. If they’d known, the slopes could have come to them and they’d have seen the derby.

It didn’t seem all that good an idea as we set off in the teeth of yet another blizzard but in the event pretty much everyone who'd paid to go, it was the hottest ticket in town after all, turned up for the game. To their credit so did Mariners supporters. We were congratulating ourselves on making it across the city-they travelled across the county. After the season they’ve had that was a good showing.

On to the stadium and there was another marvellous montage display this time on three sides thus emboldening our heroes and to the dismay of our opponents. Whether this did have any effect we don’t know but in the event it was a routine win against one of the worst Grimsby sides we’ve seen and probably the worst side we’ve played at home this season.

For me the game hinged on two periods. Firstly after probably edging the first part of the match Town imploded spectacularly in under ten minutes and found themselves three-nil down. For some reason best known to himself Elliott Whitehouse handled in the box to give Mariners a lifeline and give a bit of respectability to the score. If it had gone to 3-2 it would have been a grandstand finish but on reflection that never looked likely.

Secondly, as Grimsby attempted to rescue something from the game they shuffled the pack bringing on new signing Gary McSheffrey to no discernable effect. City brought on Ollie Palmer and Harry Anderson and how they then failed to add to their score I really don’t know.

Palmer does not seem to enjoy a good reputation with supporters of teams he’s played for. I don’t think that’s going to be the case at Lincoln. After a shaky start he now comes on to hear his name being chanted and fans seem to be warming to him. He doesn’t like the expression super sub and his performances really should lead to a start but he’s sub and he’s certainly super in my view He’s got good feet and he reminds me a bit of Keith Alexander in that for a tall man his control is very good. Those two, as the players were tiring a bit injected pace and resolve making for a relatively relaxed finish. I’d have liked to have seen City really go for it late on but I suppose you can understand the reluctance.

I really hope Grimsby don’t get relegated but it’s quite clear there’s a mammoth task for Michael Jolley. Support in those numbers doesn't deserve that fate but the substitutions underlined the paucity of talent available to him. Barnet and Chesterfield are awful which is about all he’s got to go on but I don’t want to see Spirites down either.

There’s a club much more deserving of that fate in my view. With supporters barely willing to leave their Aga's to go to games and losing money faster than a punter on Skegness pier I’m sure you can work out who it is.

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