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Friday, 16 March 2018

Derby day clash means whatever you want.

We’re promised a last blast of winter before hopefully brighter times are to come. It’s been a long hard winter but the football has not failed to uplift in my view. Whatever happens from now to the end of the season it’s been a successful first season back in the league.

Now, on the eve of the latest of three local games and arguably the biggest the derby is vital for both teams and for different reasons. For Grimsby the need for points and fast. I’ve noticed a certain envy coming down the A46 at the season we’ve had. Mariners fans question why they didn’t enjoy the bounce we’ve enjoyed from promotion. I don’t know and I’m not bothered. For my money getting in the playoffs is the be all and end all. Bragging rights over Grimsby means little.

For the Imps this game is no different from any other. We need to get as many points as we can to get in the playoff places, simple as that, doesn’t matter whether it’s home or away local or distant. Points is the name of the game.

Having said that we’ve been decent against local sides. I didn’t enjoy the sight of a certain portly Scotsman pounding up the touchline at Sincil Bank and I don’t particularly want to hear the taunts of my neighbours tomorrow and I don’t think I will. The last home game however was a reminder that not everything goes to plan. As a spectacle it should be right on the money although derby games are not known for flowing football. There again to listen to some people you’d think we were strangers to that in any event.

So there we are, set your alarms for an early kick off. Do your voice warm up and strap yourself in. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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