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Thursday, 29 March 2018

The big match, which one would that be then?

I have to admit I’ve been a little amused by the protestation of Exeter City fans at the allocation of tickets for tomorrow’s game. They’ve sold all of theirs and would really like some more but can’t justify the Stacey West stand. Why can’t we be moved to a different area they ask? Because it’s all full.

It’s not often that we can compare ourselves to the likes of Manchester United but it’s the same situation they must face all the time. Tickets for games for away fans will be limited to as few as they can get away with as they could, if they were allowed to, sell them all to their own fans.

It’s not a complete comparison as United are one of those clubs with global appeal. Many of their supporters are not really fans in the accepted sense of the word at all. We found that at Barcelona when we went too. They have the shirt but the only association is Barca and Man U are famous and people want to see them.

City aren’t in the same orbit at all but it’s the same problems, welcome as they are. Exeter fans will see what I’m talking about tomorrow and they’ll certainly know we’re real alright.

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