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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

I’m a celebrity – get me out of Heir!

Not really, I think the Prince of Wales has a soft spot for his alma mater although he’ll not be going to his old stamping ground at RAF Cranwell when he visits the County with the Duchess of Cornwall today he’ll be indulging his twin passions of architecture and farming, visiting Lincoln Cathedral to see the latest conservation efforts. A planned visit to the roof to get up close and personal with St Hugh is off due to the expected high winds but the Royal Couple will go behind the scenes to see the work of the needlework guild when they inspect new Chapter copes and will also see participants on the Princes Foundation for the Built Environment apprenticeships programme.

Afterwards the Prince visits Riseholme Agricultural College and the Duchess will meet with the Lincolnshire South Women’s Institute at Great Hale before upholding a great Lincolnshire tradition, finishing off at the pub. In this case the Cholmeley Arms at Burton-le-Coggles, a pub is the hub initiative, squeezing in a look at Berry Farm Shop before the old crème de menthe frappes.

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