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Monday, 19 December 2011

Just in passing, City have improved.

I don’t know about you but when David Holdsworth became Lincoln City’s manager I thought we would have a return to the style of Keith Alexander if not John Beck even. Such was the clubs demise that I was ready to accept anything if it meant a return to winning ways. Home matches were a trial and away games merited a perfunctory glance at the score someway into the afternoon followed by final score or whatever just to double check the bad news. Attendance at an away game, once something to be contemplated several times a season, or even sitting in front of the TV for the afternoon was not really a consideration.

Now however I’m delighted to hear the manager eulogising on City’s passing game following the away win at Forest Green Rovers:-

"We passed the ball well and at time we were probably trying to be too perfect, but I'm encouraging that passing and movement and there were some very good attacking performances.

"Two-nil is still a tricky scoreline in this league because one goal can give the other side the impetus but I felt we managed those final minutes well.

"It's three games unbeaten now which is the most important thing for me and we've come here and done that against a side who haven't been beaten for a while."

Even better an opposing manager bemoaning the fact that the Imps have bagged all the points:-

"We shot ourselves in the foot, we're the architects of our own downfall. If you don't put your chances in the goal, you don't win games said Dave Hockaday, Rovers manager.

"We passed it around and gave them problems but then someone else made a silly mistake around our box and they put the second goal in.

"I can't have a go at the lads for a lack of effort, they gave it a really good go, but I think our inexperience has shown through in the last couple of games.

Now I wouldn’t want to tempt providence but City’s home form has all of a sudden considerably improved whilst the tactics centre on passing the football and retaining possession. Have our prayers been heard?

All of a sudden the big Boxing Day clash is starting to feel like something to be anticipated and relished especially with our fishy friends being on a bit of a roll themselves. They have shifted 1000 tickets so we really need to rouse our comatose home support to give them a verbal run for their money. After all there’s not much else to be done. Surely we’re all shopped out now?

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