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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Have I got news for you? Chris Addison at the LPAC

What’s good about living in Lincoln? Silence. It’s not that the packed audience at the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre couldn’t think of anything, there’s quite a bit that’s good about living in Lincoln, top comedians like Addison performing in the city for a start. No, it’s more our reticence at blowing our own trumpet, we tend to leave that to our friends in the north. The comedian explained that if we couldn’t do better there wouldn’t be much of a show. What’s good about living in Lincoln? It’s not High Wycombe came the answer to general hilarity. Chris Addison knows a lot about High Wycome, it’s not as posh as it sounds for a start, as any Imps follower who has been to see the team play at Wycombe Wanderers will testify. Addison knows, or has found out a lot about Lincoln too and a good part of his set early on was testament to that. For some reason Addison and other comedians come to think of it regard Lincoln as quite posh actually, this comes as a bit of a surprise to us locals.

One would presume Addison is a bit of a lefty. The reaction of Lincoln to his political probing (there’s quite a lot of political probing) was probably symptomatic of the country as a whole, what do you think of the coalition government? Groan. What do you think of David Cameron. Groan. Just for balance, what do you think of the Labour opposition? Groan. One would presume Addison is a lefty but, having savaged the government and had a good go at our toff prime minister he then proceeded to tear into the opposition and Ed Milliband (groan) so if he is a lefty he hides it well, maybe he just likes to lampoon all sections of the establishment, he certainly does this with relish and good comedy effect. Liberals, hand wringers, tree huggers all given a good kicking.

At £20 a ticket, Chris Addison is not the cheapest act to go and see but the audience does get good value for money, he was on stage for over two hours and the joke per minute ratio is high, in fact it’s packed with well researched content and he manages to score a direct hit on a lot of targets. The audiences reticence started to lift as Addison asked for examples of fibs parents tell to their children, in fact we came in for praise for the amount of suggestions. Participants from the audience were treated kindly although when he asked if there were any teenagers in a girl behind us was given a bit of a rough ride. As the comedian said, he thought he’d priced teenagers and students out.

At his own admission, Addison is never going to fill a large auditorium by himself. There were seats to spare at this venue last time but not this. After this show it would be wise to get in quick the next time this performer is at the LPAC to ensure a seat. It would be unlikely that anyone at Saturday night’s show would want to miss his next appearance in the city.

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