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Friday, 17 February 2012

A hard rain’s a gonna fall.

Hopefully this is it and we can look forward to a bit more fine weather and some sunshine but who would have thought we would have been celebrating an admittedly admirable double comeback against mighty Braintree Town quite so fulsomely. Nevertheless such a determination would probably have not been evident in last year’s team so let’s not be too churlish about it.

I have to admit I’m still coming to terms with the level that City are at and really unable to get tremendously excited about the points gained against some pretty humdrum opponents and a look at the results in league two still bring pangs of jealousy, pain even. Braintree Town, a self professed “pub team”. It’s hardly inspiring is it?

The Lincolnshire Echo doesn’t bring a lot of relief; I’m still in the process of getting to grips with the new weekly look and yearn for the old days of a daily paper but always realising the reason for the change and the fact that there will be no going back. I wouldn’t dream of cancelling my subscription, of course but it just seems that when you gather together a weeks worth of Imps news it always seem depressing! This weeks main offering “David Holdsworth fears summer exodus of top talent”. Top talent? Sorry, don’t mean to be unkind but have we got any top talent at the moment? Joe Anyon? Well it doesn’t seem five minutes since we wanted him out of the door. It wasn’t any of David Holdsworths doing of course but this is the goal keeper who couldn’t force his way past an Aston Villa trainee who a goodly proportion of lads in the Stacey West or Coop Stand would fancy their chances against in a penalty competition. Even Holdsworth himself left out our rejuvenated stopper for much of the time before realising Anyon is a decent keeper, certainly at this level but top talent? Presumably the reason Joe is still with us is because no one came in for him.

The good news, yes there is some, is that it would seem our “top talent” do want to stay with us. The bad news is, almost every other team seem to be prepared to pay more than City are to get them. We really should be starting to get used to it but the plain fact of the matter is, such has been the lack of inspiration at the fare on offer we really are non league in all respects, certainly in terms of gates where a two thousand plus attendance is starting to be a bit of a novelty.

Kidderminster away tomorrow, just to get back to discussing some football. Somewhat further than it ought to have been if memory serves correctly but on the other hand a very warm welcome from Kiddy fans and a good pint in the slightly surreal surroundings of the Severn Valley Railway Station bar where the sound of steam locomotives will punctuate your chat with the locals. There now. It’s not all bad!

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