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Thursday, 13 December 2012

It’s never us is it?

So the dream is over for another year although Lincoln City fans will be hoping the FA Cup run will be the catalyst that will set the club on an upwards trajectory towards the play offs.

City participated in an impressive six cup games this season having entered the competition in the final qualifying round. This being the Imps it did not mean progress to the fifth round but a stuttering run of generally poor home performances, always accepting the home leg v Mansfield was a roller coaster of emotions, followed by finishing the job off away. Until last night that is.

David Holdsworth was full of bravado when interviewed after the game, maintaining that City were the best side throughout the second half. Apologies if you went and disagree with me but, from my armchair seat in front of the TV it looked as if City reverted to that biff bang, whack it up the front and run after it football that has so frustrated us previously and it was to end in heartbreak as Mansfield took the tie and look forward to a game against Liverpool. To my eyes they were the better side and therefore deserved it.

I switched off fairly rapidly after the final whistle but not before a few shots of jubilant Stags punching the air and cheering themselves hoarse. I felt like I did that time at Cardiff when, decent bunch that we are, we stuck around after the play off final to congratulate the victorious Bournemouth team before sliding off into the night, the Cherries fans taunts ringing in our ears, always the bridesmaids.

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