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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Run for our money.

It just goes to show a little cup success goes a long way, and what we have missed out on over the years.

Steve Prescott, City CEO told BBC Sport:-

"When we come to the cashflow throughout the year, we may not need to use next season's season ticket money to keep the club afloat in the close season."

"We can use the money constructively for next season. Any extra income is always welcome.

"We are desperately disappointed to go out but the team performed pretty well, so there are no complaints.

"It was just that we knew what the prize was so we were very excited about that possibility of playing Liverpool at Sincil Bank.

"It's been a good cup run financially. We had a memorable win at Walsall and the supporters have really enjoyed it.

"What was great was the turnout of the Imps fan we had more than 1300 - there there have been a lot of positives.

"Certainly we have made in excess of £100,000 which is great news because we only budget for about £5,000 so that will help us balance the books."

So, the second round and its happy days. Makes you wonder how different things would be with a bit of success most years. Some clubs manage it.

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