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Friday, 5 April 2013

Simmo believes City can finish the season unbeaten – No Kidding!

It’ll be a tough ask but Gary Simpson has set his charges with the task of remaining unbeaten for the final games of the season. Simpson no doubt has his sales hat on with a view to season tickets which were not ever so good last close season but he’s made a good start with an impressive number of Imps making the short (for us in Lincs) journey to Alfreton and a much better than average gate for the Easter Monday game.

Whether those fans were too impressed with the fare on offer on Monday is debateable but certainly there was no adverse reaction to the nil, nil, even a bit of applause. Most fans seemed to accept that there had been two good performances away and, in Cambridge the Imps were facing considerably better opponents than they had in the three previous games. Ten points from four games was decent to say the least, even given the quality of the opposition. Whether David Holdsworth’s Imps would have been granted similar understanding is another matter but there is a feeling in the stands that the manager is one of our own now but of course that can change quickly if the results don’t follow.

Simpson goes in for a bit of the old mind games in today’s Echo, you can’t but help seeing the similarities with Keith Alexander:-

“Everybody will see Kidderminster are top of the league and the expectation will be on them to get the result,” he said.

“The pressure of the situation will be more on them than it will be on us.

“However, I’ve challenged the team to stay unbeaten and we’ve seen in recent weeks, with some of the performances that we’ve put in, that we are more than a match for anybody in the division.”

I’m just waiting for a “they’ve ruined my weekend, I’m going to ruin theirs” after a defeat, to complete the metamorphosis from Keith to Simmo and he was keen to gee up the supporters.

“Last time I was at the club the fans were fantastic, and to be fair to them, they have been unbelievable this time round ,” said Simpson.

“They wanted something to get behind and I hope we are giving them that - it certainly looked like it with a good gate coming on Monday.

“Their support is vital, because come the summer it makes the difference to the club on what type of player they can budget for.

“I know times are hard, but it’s been great to see more people coming and all the fans have been fantastic.”

I think we have to endure a few seasons at least before we can head back to where we were but in the meantime we do seem to have a manager who has first hand knowledge, as we all do, of what those days of the playoffs were like and he is showing, for the moment at least an understanding of what is needed to return to them. This should come with a banana skin warning. We are talking about Lincoln City after all.

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