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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Attack is the best form of defence.

I told you last time of my amusement, or is it bemusement, when my eyes fell on Lincoln City chairman Bob Dorrian last Saturday at the match. He sat stony faced after City had just scored. There’ll no doubt be more of that tonight as the latest fans forum is held. Dorrian is under no illusions that he will win any popularity contests at the moment but told the Lincolnshire Echo that he and the rest of the board would go if the conditions were right:-

“We would sell our shares at a loss,” said Cap’n Bob
“If we believed it was to the right person, we would do that.
“What we want is serious investment from people who have the club’s best interests at heart.
“One way to ensuring that is asking that whoever takes over the club by buying the holding company also invests another £500,000. It is a guarantee that the person taking over is not doing so to just asset strip the club. That is why it is a hard and firm caveat.”

It will come as news to some fans that there are any assets to strip given the axe wielding over the last few years and whoever takes over would have to have very deep pockets indeed with an initial investment of £1.5m quoted for the dubious honour of sitting in the Sincil Bank hotseat. Don’t expect to be under any illusions of grandeur either:-

“When I took over as chairman it was obvious that the club was financially fat and flabby,” said Dorrian.
“My hope was that I could come in, see the first season out in the Football League and then slash the costs at the club.
“In the end relegation meant it had to happen quickly when we went into the Conference. That is a frustration.
“My intention was that if we were in the Football League, the cutting back of costs meant more money could have gone into the playing budget.
“As it turns out I’ve been fighting fires since I started. The first two seasons of life in the Conference have been about survival as a full-time club. We had to make decisions to ensure we could afford a team to keep us in the Conference Premier.
“This season is the first time we have been able to look properly at the pro-football budget in greater detail.”

Well the devil is in the detail as they say and the question is, would a financially fat and flabby Lincoln City have survived in the Football League? A certain Mr John Reams took over the reins at City and immediately set about making the club leaner and fitter and that too resulted in the club losing it’s Football League status although, as us old fogies and students of the Imps history know City returned to the League at the first time of asking and the late Mr Reams did eventually find a place in many fans hearts. Whether Bob Dorrian will be accorded a place amongst those upon the Lincoln City Gods smile down upon time will tell but in the meantime Bob and the board must submit themselves to the scrutiny of the fans forum. Bet they can hardly wait.

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