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Friday, 31 January 2014

University Challenge for Imps?

It was announced on the BBC Website today that land for a mooted new Lincoln City stadium had been identified near the University of Lincoln.

Chairman Bob Dorrian said he hoped relocation would secure the club’s long term future:-

"If everything goes to plan I would hope something concrete has been sorted out by the end of this year in terms of a way forward for the new stadium,"

The problem is, and this is recognised by most fans apart from the most diehard traditionalist’s, these days the stadium has to produce an income for the pro budget rather than matches in themselves providing the clubs income.

The plain fact of the matter is, try though the club might it has failed to find ways of making Sincil Bank pay for itself let alone run at a profit. Dearly though we may love the old girl the stadium just cannot compete for conference business, weddings, parties etc particularly now that Lincoln has become something of a conference and seminar city with the flowering of the University and of course the facilities on campus are brand spanking new and up to the minute, something the Bank for all the sentiment we feel, cannot boast.

Long time fan Steve O’Dare said:-

"It would be great if we could move, but my concern is whether or not the money is behind the club to allow us to do that.
"I would like to hear some economic background to this and how it's going to be paid for.
"The last thing I would like to see is the club moved to a new stadium and it can't afford to run it."

The point is though, can the club afford not to move?

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