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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

If at first you don’t succeed - Newton.

Sean Newton and Gary Simpson spoke to the University of Lincoln student website, The Linc this week.

Whilst there was no mention of new signings the pair revealed that though reasonably satisfied with the 14th place finish they had both expected to do rather better having finished 16th the season before.

“We started really well then we had two months or eight to ten weeks where we couldn’t pick up a point and we couldn’t get a win. But then from then on we’ve been a different class, took on everyone and in the games we’ve lost we’ve been unlucky. We’ve won so many. When I look back I think it’s more frustrating than anything because we should be in the play-offs definitely,” said the Imps ever dependable defender”

“I don’t know whether the board would, but we’re a bit disappointed. We thought we could have finished a little bit higher, but we had a bad couple of months. But we have taken 38 points since January 1st, so we haven’t done too badly when we got everyone back and added one or two to the squad", chipped in the manager.

I’m sure you’d know by now if the board were disappointed Gary.

Newton, never one to beat around the bush, will be pleased to hear that City have started early in their recruitment drive and with more possibly to follow:-

“Most definitely, you can see from January 1st to now, I think we’d be second or top of the league. We’ve definitely got a good squad to go on with maybe one or two additions to make us better in other areas, then I think we’ll have a go next year,” he said.

Simpson returned to a familiar theme:-

“With what we’ve had and what we could afford, I think we’ve done OK. We’ve had to work hard, there’s no two ways about it and my staff have worked tremendously hard.”

With news of an arrival already, Imps fans will be glued to social media to glean any little titbits and hints that better times may be on the way at long last.

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