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Thursday, 1 May 2014

The rights and wrongs of it.

Well I was right about one thing and wrong about another. I said in my piece about last Saturdays match that I believed the FA would investigate the pitch invasion. I was subsequently invited on to BBC Radio Lincolnshire to discuss and it was apparent by then that an investigation was underway.

I also said that any fine would have to come out of the playing budget. The Echo puts me right on that score in an interview with Bob Dorrian in which he states the clubs position but says previous behaviour will go against the Imps:-

"My concern is the behaviour of the fans over the season will be taken into account when they review what happened on Saturday and we could be punished financially.
"If that does happen then it will not affect the playing budget, we will have to find the money somehow, but it will not come out of the professional budget."

Dorrian also mentioned something I think a lot of us were struck by:-

"I noticed that the section of the crowd where the pitch invaders came from was bigger than usual," he said. "I don't think those that went on the pitch were the regular supporters that turn up.
"After the final whistle on the last day it's not uncommon for a pitch invasion, but to have it happen before that moment is appalling behaviour and we condemn it."

Personally, I think the fact that supporters regularly come on to the pitch at the end on the season may be held against the Imps. Certainly that behaviour is not condoned by the club but do they do enough to prevent it? Enthusiasm at the end of a winning season is one thing but as we’ve said, and was discussed on the radio. It’s not as if we’ve done that much winning lately is it?

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