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Thursday, 8 January 2015

City are no longer under the radar after Barnet.

Talk about unaccustomed as I am, first Martin Allen of Barnet admits his side were well beaten by the Imps now Mariners Boss Paul Hurst is telling the Grimsby Evening Telegraph City are now a threat to his sides promotion ambitions. It’s not personal Paul, we’ll knock anyone off their perch to get a seat at the top table.

Hurst told the Telegraph :-
"A few more have come into the play-off picture in the last few weeks – including our local rivals.
"Lincoln are a threat this season – no doubt about it.
"I went to watch their game against Barnet and they played very well. Our game against them was a closer affair, and I stand by my thoughts on the day, but they've got some good players in their squad.
"They've done the double over us and now done the same to Barnet – that's not by luck.
"Listening to things coming out of their camp, they're hopeful of continuing that run, but like for all of us, they've got a lot of games to go still."

He went on: "Barnet and Bristol Rovers are the ones that everyone else has got to try and catch, but after those two, there is a massive scrap for places between everyone else.
"Wrexham, for example, went to Stoke in the FA Cup and put on a very good performance and I'm sure they'll be looking for that to kick-start them to take them up and help take closer order.
"We've got to pick up points – every single one is valuable – we know that and we've got some very big games coming up.
"There certainly aren't going to be any 'gimmies' for any team this season – that's for sure."

I said before I like the cut of our managers jib. The only problem is “Chris Moyses barmy army” hardly flows off the tongue does it?

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