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Monday, 28 September 2015

Strikers put paid to spirited Gulls.

Eagle eyed readers will have noticed that there’s never any reference to lottery wins, successful raids on the bookies or profit on the roulette wheel in this blog. Anyone reading my last post will have some insight into why that may be given my foresight in the situation in which Liam Hearn finds himself. Far from the doom and gloom I predicted Hearn not only started the match but played a good seventy minutes, got a goal and generally confounded his critics who do not include me in their number by the way.

For a team upon whose heads every kind of misfortune has been heaped I thought Torquay gave a pretty good account of themselves last Saturday, not in terms of winning the match, Gulls ambitions didn’t stretch that far but the in the sense that they were determined not to be beaten it was a good effort by them, after all they’ve been through. Maybe at one time their limited ambition might have been successful but this year we have a striker, we must say strikers after Saturday who are bang on form and Hearn and Matt Rhead duly dispatched the low flying Gulls with two very cute finishes to claim maximum points in this very entertaining and encouraging win.

Encouraging I hear you ask? Well yes because this is exactly the sort of game City would have stumbled at previously. An opponent holed beneath the water line, gone through managers with, for all we know, a managerial hopeful or even confirmed appointment sitting in the stand by way of geeing up the deflated troops who see the prospect of unemployment looming if they don’t buck their ideas up. You can just see it now, City labour in vain for ninety minutes only for a sympathetic referee to spot something in the box that nobody else did, Imps are booed off and giggles from the relieved opponents.

That it didn’t pan out like that is largely due to our strikers who are walking on water at the moment but it’s not just them. This was an all-round performance epitomised by man of the match Bradley Wood, playing out of position, he put on an outstanding display as did several players and I must mention once again Paul Farman, his demons are well and truly dispatched.

So a bit of a warm glow this Monday morning. It’s Lincoln City we’re talking about though so, like you I’m waiting for someone or something to prick the bubble.

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