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Monday, 28 September 2015

Lincolnshire’s Great Exhibition.

This exhibition has been on all summer and I got to see it on the very last day. I’m glad I did.

Undoubtedly the stars of the show, apart from Magna Carta which I saw many years ago but haven’t got round to seeing again, are the Luttrell Psalter, loaned by the British Library and the Heneage Jewel, given by Elizabeth I to Sir Thomas Heneage, courtesy of the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Those two give an insight into the quality of the exhibits and there’s a list as long as your arm of contributors including HM The Queen, The House of Commons, Cambridge and Oxford Universities.

Paintings, ceramics, maps, documents, Australia memorabilia, this exhibition is testament to the ambition of the organisers who have put together a collection as good if not better than those offered in the capital.

My own favourite was the original painting of the Jolly Fisherman which formed the poster for the railway companies that helped put Skegness on the map. This was loaned by Skegness Town Council and just goes to show that there was something for everyone.

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