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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Cup comes as a welcome distraction.

It almost seems that the FA Cup is going to be a saviour this season whereas it’s usually a source of pain.

Ok City are only in the first round but it is on the back of knocking Tranmere out of the competition, by anybody’s standard decent opposition and coming when it does, after the disappointment of losing the home unbeaten record maybe this remarkable season may produce the unthinkable, a cup run.

In Whitehawk too, City fans will take the opportunity of seeing a new club and they play in Brighton which is decidedly foreign territory to us Imps. It’s a long way to go but we Imps are made of sterner stuff and, I’m sure will grasp this opportunity for a break from the routine.

City await news of whether Kyle Wooton can play but I don’t suppose anyone will be getting too stressed about that. He seems a willing player but I think we’ve got enough in the tank without him to give Whitehawk plenty to think about.

So no need to be too despondent and plenty to look forward to as we anticipate the weekend, as ever.

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