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Friday, 15 January 2016

Imps only option is to try to keep going.

I don’t think many of us will have failed to notice the sight of Matt Rhead going from strutting goal machine to the frustrated figure seemingly banging his head against a brick wall in his bid to score.

Opponents, having previously had two in form attackers in Rhead and Liam Hearn to contend with all of a sudden found City’s goal threat substantially reduced and only one striker of note to deal with. They duly applied the strong arm tactics. Referees in this division largely seem to turn a blind eye with the result that the goals dried up and Rhead has spent an awful lot of time on the deck.

Well now Hearn’s back but despite scoring in each of his return games City have not got back to winning ways. In my last article I drew the curtains on another seasons efforts. The manager says all is not lost. Can he prove me wrong? I would very much like to think so but City have a mighty tough home fixture this Saturday against moneybags Forest Green Rovers. If they can win that I think we’d all have to revise our opinions.

Earlier in the week the Echo’s John Pakey was optimistic, well I’m all for that and in todays Echo website Matt Rhead says he welcomes Hearn back, all good friends and jolly good companee as my little sister used to sing in her song and dance troupe. Regular readers will know I also welcome the return of the prodigal if only because the Rhead / Hearn partnership represents our best route to goals, it’s no more than that, personalities don’t come in to it.

Just looking back at previous Echo observations I see Hearn did offer an apology to manager and team mates explaining that he was going through a difficult time personally. He extended that apology to us the fans however I don’t think an apology to us is necessary. I did feel let down, a bit humiliated to think that my club couldn’t hang on to a player who was the subject of overtures from Barrow. I find it quite shocking we couldn’t retain him in those circumstances but apology, no. Every player in these freedom of contract days has the right to go where he pleases and clubs will dump a player who is not performing without a second glance. Similarly fans can turn on a player also. I await seeing the crowd’s reaction to Hearn on Saturday as I missed the last home game. I think his importance to the team overrides any negative thoughts but, influential as he is it is of no consequence if the team aren’t winning.

So is John Pakey right about our chances against FGR or will our forebodings be played out before our very eyes? As always we’ll see come Saturday.

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