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Friday, 19 February 2016

The latest news. Nothing to report.

Chris Moyses latest press conference must have been a nightmare for the assembled hacks as he imparted absolutely nothing of any use to those who need to get something about the Imps on the page.

We started off with Rob Makepeace of BBC Radio Lincolnshire, he attempted to elicit some tit bits about Paul Farman’s uncharacteristic slip up away at Altrincham. Nothing doing, lets not talk about it. Any triallists? Nope. Any news on Conner Robinson? ‘Fraid not. No wonder there was little to read on the Echo’s website this morning although they did highlight a player who I think has impressed us all lately, Greg Tempest.

I suppose it says something about the slow start Tempest made that his contract is almost up. I’d certainly like to see him next season and he’d like to be here too as he told the Echo:-

"When I was coming back from that injury, it was pre-season and I was finding my feet again,"

"At first I wasn't in the squad because I didn't feel I was playing my best football, like I had at Notts and Boston.

"It took time, but I've been patient. I've always just got on with things. If I wasn't in the squad I never moaned. If you moan and you're a bad egg, it will just go downhill for you.

"So I just got on with it and tried to be positive about everything, as if I was playing every week, and it's paying off at the moment.

"I love playing here and the lads are great. I'd love to be here next season."

It’s Southport tomorrow and by a quirk of fate we haven’t played them yet despite the fact it’s almost March. Therefore there’s not much to say about them either but, as ever we’ll soon find what they’re about.

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