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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Having a share in the Imps.

Like a lot of people by the sound of it I responded to Lincoln City’s plea for help when the Cooperative Bank pulled the plug on the club bank account by buying some shares in the club and now I’m looking forward to my first shareholders meeting next week.

I wasn’t on my own in rallying to the cause and now, with the considerable help of our new investor, Clive Nates the clubs financial footing looks a lot rosier. I’d imagine the chairman is himself looking forward to this years meeting rather more than last.

Now Mr Dorrian is looking to boost the coffers further and, as he told shareholders, we can all help. Furthermore it won’t break the bank as the club are quite happy to sell relatively small amounts of shares. The phrase every little helps was never truer:-

"The club's financial position has improved significantly over the last 12 months and this is thanks largely to you, the shareholders and supporters," wrote the chairman.
"Last year, I wrote to you with a number of initiatives where you could help the club by investing in shares and bonds.
"You responded magnificently and a sum of £165,000 was invested in the club in the weeks after my letter went out. On behalf of the club, I give you my heartfelt thanks.

"Now the situation with the bank has been resolved and we have a new investor, it would be easy to sit back and take things a little easier.
"However, that is not something we are about to do. Chris Moyses is assembling a squad that is going to make a serious challenge to regain our Football League status.

"At the time of writing, we still have an opportunity to make that happen this season.
"Clive's investment will go a long way to helping to achieve this, but if we are going to give Chris the help he needs then we need to ask you, the shareholders, if you would be prepared to buy a few more shares to add to what you already have.
"If you don't want to buy shares, but would prefer instead to buy a bond then the club would be equally grateful.
"If we can assemble a decent war chest over the next few weeks, then we should be in the best position since relegation from the Football League to enable us to challenge for promotion.

"Lincoln City is a community club, owned by in excess of 800 shareholders, and together we can make League football a reality again.
"Every penny helps the club towards the goal of attaining Football League status."

I can tell you there is a considerable satisfaction in knowing that you are intimately involved with the Imps and when the share certificate arrived it certainly gave me a lot of pleasure, I proudly displayed my certificate in a frame on my study wall. I’m lucky that I’ve got my own little space I suppose although I would imagine there would not be too much objection if it had gone on the dining room wall. Apart from the fact that my wife does have a family connection with the club being the daughter of a former director and board member, of course Lincoln City FC does give her a nice bit of peace and quiet for a couple of hours every other Saturday afternoon.

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