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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Weekend draw was disappointing but really no need for apologies.

Chris Moyses told the press City were still in the playoff race. I’d thought in my own mind that the Imps are going to have to win the majority of their remaining fixtures to be in with a chance. Whether he’s right or I am, and I hope it’s him, as ever time will tell but if you can’t win, draw and that’s exactly what City did:-

"Things were a bit tense in the dressing room afterwards," said the Imps boss. "It did mean a lot to them to get three points.
"They will tell each other what they think of the situation and I will encourage that. We need to be honest with each other so we can understand and work on the situation.
"We might have taken a point before the game because that is a tough place to go to and Altrincham are in good form at the moment. They have got a lot to do to avoid relegation and they are going about it well.
"While it is a draw, we are still only three points outside of the play-off places, it is all to fight for."

Paul Farman also apologised for his uncharacteristic slip which led to Altrincham getting their hands on a point:-

"I want to apologise to the Imps fans who had come along to watch, because it is just so frustrating," he said.
"I was thinking 'do I take a touch? Or do I hit it first time?'. I got myself in two minds and you should not do that. Unfortunately the lad has closed me down well and I cost us the three points. I can only apologise for that.
"It is very frustrating. I think Greg Tempest deserves credit for how he got on the ball and played it back to me. I am asking for the ball, but I've taken a poor touch and I've kicked it off the lad who has closed me down.
"When this sort of thing happens you just want to get in a little hole in the middle of the pitch. The team get behind you though and I was desperate for us to score and get a winner. You are there to be fired at as a keeper, and it is part of the job."

I don’t accept that apology and by that I mean Paul Farman doesn’t need to make it. We win and lose and draw together and that includes us, the fans. When I think back to the car crash that was Farman of old, the one dispatched to Boston to get his form back, and we owe the Pilgrims a debt of gratitude there, and I think how he's rehabilitated himself and then the many times Farman has saved us from near enough certain goals I think he’s still well in credit so let’s have no more of that.

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