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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Super Imps serve up a treat.

After last weeks jittery one-nil win over Guiseley all the talk on the radio after the game was, that’s all very well but wait till we play Eastleigh, then we’ll know if the revival is really on.

I said last week if City could just have got another goal, which would have been justified after the battering City gave Guiseley, the overall perception of the game might have been different and City might have had an easier second half. Guiseley went on to fully test the Imps in the second period so there was certainly no fluke in the result.

Inexplicably, to my red and white eyes, there were fewer at yesterdays game whereas I might have thought more would turn up against sterner opposition to see if the Imps could prevail against genuine promotion hopefuls. A good friend of mine, and a reader of this blog so I’ll choose my words carefully, sent me a text just before half time. He had been enjoying a pleasant lunch out with his wife rather than taking his usual seat in the Coop in the Community Stand. 3-0 at half time, he observed, not the smartest thing he ever did? Well, she’s a very nice lady and ordinarily I’d say fair enough but this time I didn’t pull any punches, you’ve missed the game of the season mate!

When we were chatting in the pub before the game, as you do, I think we were of the opinion that a draw would be a good result. Little did we think City would take complete command of the game and have it won by the break. Not only that, it was the nature of the performance, helped, I might say by the strong and gusty wind. City chose, I presume, to play against the wind in the first half. I don’t think I’d have gone the other way round if I’d won the toss. They were therefore required to keep the ball on the ground and what a difference it made. Once again McCombe was a steadying influence at the back although he wasn’t tested to the degree he was the week before. I must say Bush would have been my third choice partner after Waterfall and Howe but after last week he could hardly be left out and another clean sheet tells the story.

There was another good show from our on loan winger James Caton. One can only hope the way he’s playing, that Shrewsbury are either not watching or think that our level brings out the best in the player because he’s been a revelation and, after last weeks scorching effort, got one in the net yesterday in similar spectacular style.

One could go on and on after such a special display but I’ll just pose the question, where does all this leave Liam Hearn? The Muldoon Rhead partnership shows real promise. Sure Hearn slotted in well alongside Matt Rhead and I was desperate to get Hearn back but he’s injured again despite his complaints of not getting enough football. This is exactly the concern the management team had and someone else has come in and taken full advantage. Muldoon is an excellent, industrious player with a good attitude. Would you put Hearn back in at the expense of Muldoon when he’s fit again? Me neither.

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