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Friday, 22 April 2016

A man for all season.

So here we stand, last home game of the season almost upon us, once again it’s a case of what might have been but, for me a bit of an improvement. I’m trying not to think of what might happen on the actual last day of the season although, with promotion secured maybe Cheltenham may take their foot off the gas. Maybe.

We now turn our thoughts to the player of the season, to be awarded tomorrow before the game against Woking. The Echo have announced their player of the season. Theirs is quite scientific as the points are awarded after each game so it’s a long term view. If you’d taken a vote three or four months ago Matt Rhead would have been your man or Liam Hearn maybe as these two fine players tore off into the heights with some fantastic performances.

Rhead has faded a bit for my money, which is why I didn’t vote for him. Obviously with a player of that type teams are going to learn how to negate him but it’s been a special season from him and I thank him for his industry and skill, I really enjoyed his performances.

I just want to mention next a group of players who have enthused me and made it an pleasurable season but I start with a man who could have been in the frame had he had a bit longer in his role and that player is Jack Muldoon. Jack has been a shining beacon and a wonderful discovery for us. Again, he’s lit up the winter. James Caton, Terry Hawkridge, Greg Tempest, Jamie McCombe, Lee Beevers. You are all mentioned in dispatches. Brilliant seasons from all of you, in whole or in part.

So now we come to the man I voted for but starting with the man I didn’t and the reason why. In my heart Bradley Wood is my player of the season and he will receive the Echo’s trophy tomorrow. He’s been inspirational. Any notion that an Ex Mariner will not do the business for City have been firmly refuted. Combative, skilful, energetic, committed I could go on and on. Wood has been superlative and I would clap my hands raw if he won as I think he will. Why didn’t I vote for him? Discipline. He saw red once too often. I’m really disappointed I didn’t feel able to vote for him.

So who got my vote? Paul Farman. Despite being exceptional all season, just one noticeable clanger, just one, this most improved of keepers now enters the annals of City’s greatest in my view but I think, probably because he’s been so consistent he’s become almost a forgotten figure. Not by me though. I hope we can see a bit more of you Paul before you go on to bigger and better things.

I thank all the players for their efforts, I’ve really enjoyed this season. There’s not one player I have thought is a weak link although we could have done without a certain episode and without that episode I think Mr Moyses would have been looking for a new managing director for his business. I thank him too.

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