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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

The season’s nearly over. How will we manage?

I must confess, unusually for me I’ve been rather more taken with the epic battle at the top of the Premier League than I have with the Imps lately, the season having rather petered out on us. It’ll be the Tour De France soon and to quote terminology from that race, which I’m a big fan of, City have come to a halt at the side of the road having entertained thoughts of glory at one time only to realise that our fate is the broom wagon that scoops up those that have tried but failed.

On the other hand the battle for the top league is reaching a white hot crescendo and Spurs cranked the heat up on Leicester last night with a comprehensive demolition of Stoke City. It’s going to be Leicester or Tottenham, surely a win win for any neutral fan and something of a black eye for the despots who have put their millions in to the supposedly only teams in with a shout. How we laughed.

Of the two my eye is on Leicester, not out of any particular loyalty, I remember being part of a very large contingent of Imps at Filbert Street in, I presume the League Cup but it could have been the FA. City were giving as good as they got when one of the Leicester players was caught unawares by a slight gust of wind and went down in the penalty area. You either know or can guess what happened next, so I’ve no affinity but, as a fully paid up member of the Lincolnshire is in the East Midlands as opposed to oop north proclivity, they’re sort of local, at least from where I am in the west of the county so my hopes are with them but if not, Spurs will do just as well and it all bodes well for the Euro’s with both sides significant English team content.

As for us Imps all we’ve got to go on really is the evolving story of the new manager although this usually provides some entertainment and an awful lot of conjecture. I’m not sure I can believe some, well one in particular name being bandied about anyway, being cryptic, for those who think they know who I’m on about, we’ve been down that road haven’t we?

It’s very easy for us to be dismissive of City’s recruitment policy. I thought Steve Tilson was a good appointment, after all his Southend side had recently scuppered us at Cardiff. Similarly I welcomed Gary Simpson although I wasn’t so sure about David Holdsworth. Furthermore the Echo quoted our new investor Clive Nates where he expressed the hope that the right man at the helm might inspire more investment into the club, who knows?

I have to confess I struggle to see the bright new dawn here, I’d much rather Chris Moyses had given it a go for another season but he didn’t. In any case the Moyses out bandwagon had started to gain membership so maybe it’ll all turn out for the best, got to be a first time surely?

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