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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

City pay no Heed to past results.

I think it’s fair to say that maximum points from a bank holiday weekend and indeed points gained against Gateshead have been something of a rarity. City wasted no time getting their noses ahead but for much of the first half Gateshead looked as if they could get back into the game and it was a very competitive match but City pressed on and finished the game well on top.

You can read match reports elsewhere but I just want to eulogise on what I’m seeing on the pitch and what I’m seeing at the moment is very encouraging indeed. I don’t think I’m being over the top but the goals the Imps scored yesterday could have been on match of the day, they were that well-constructed.

I sit near the directors box and it’s quite an education to watch Chairman Bob Dorrian. He’s normally quite impassive but boy is he enjoying his football at the moment, as we all are. The thought does occur that this season has not come about organically, it’s mainly the result of Clive Nates coming in and investing, in my view. I haven’t seen Chris Moyses in the directors box but I do hope he’s watching because I think much of the credit for this renaissance started with him but in this league money talks and Nates' contribution has provided the catalyst.

I don’t want to belittle the level of the financial commitment but in terms of the amount put in it’s not all that much compared to some of the figures you hear bandied about but it seems to have made all the difference and the fans have responded with another magnificent gate yesterday. As the Echo were saying the other day these extra bums on seats can make all the difference and it’s much easier for the board to countenance further spending if the gates are considerably more than budgeted for.

As fans of course we don’t really concern ourselves with budgetary matters, we assume everything is hunky dory, only later finding out probably it wasn’t. We shouldn’t lose sight of that when we are criticising the powers that be.

In the meantime and being very careful not to tempt providence you do have to say it’s all looking pretty rosy at the moment and you’d be mad not to enjoy these wonderful performances from as good a squad of players as I can remember seeing at Sincil Bank for a long time.

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