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Friday, 2 September 2016

Imps treasure chest raided-but it’s not all bad.

After a pretty good week football wise the talking point as we near an unaccustomed treat, well sometimes it’s a treat, of City being on the TV is the news that recent signing Jonny Margetts has signed on deadline day, for Scunthorpe United. The official website says it’s an undisclosed fee. If you look elsewhere on the net its £110000 which most fans seem to agree is very good business for a player that has only been on the books for a few months.

There seems to be very little resentment that it’s the Iron and very little clamour for City to have done more to hold on to the player. Perhaps this is just realism, perhaps it’s a recognition that Margetts is a very good player and that City should not stand in the way of someone who has the opportunity to considerably enhance his standing in the game.

Time was of course that Scunthorpe United were very much the juniors of Lincolnshire football behind Grimsby Town and ourselves and here they are paying good money for our players and we’re congratulating ourselves on doing business with such a prestigious club. That’s not sour grapes you understand.

Another way of looking at it is that there is no shortage of goalscorers at the moment particularly once Muldoon gets match fit again so the supporters, I gauge are fairly relaxed about the situation. The club could of course surprise us and blow the lot on a new striker but maybe that would put the rest of the league on notice and of course the moment a potential selling club hear of the possibility of a bit of cash coming their way the price goes up.

Either way, personally my spirits are still up despite the sale and I’m hoping Saturday’s exposure on BT Sport 2 won’t be the hiding behind the sofa experience it’s often turned out to be in the past.

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